This was our last rehearsal  it was directed by our  tutor Liselle. We had agreed that each pair of animals could come with similar clothes, liselle provided us with a number of costumes and improvised with some that we had brought, so we had a dress rehearsal, liselle had also invited other students to came and be our audience and also to use their opinion and feedback to improve our performance.

with our costumes and props we run through the play, and then the visiting students gave us they feed back and opinions, we briefly continued to  on out was pointed out.

Then liselle gave us a brief overview of the day :

we were going to work with two  year 2 classes for an hour each, first class was from 11am-12noon, and 1.30-2.30pm for the second class, the session was to take place on the 15th/04/2016 at Lansbury Lawrence primary school, Cordelia Street, E14 6DZ

The pupil were asked to complete some pre-workshop tasks, like  creating animal masks of the characters in play  and  we could ask to see them before the workshop / as part of it – at the start. this made the pupils co-creators of the play

liselle with the help of the music students had created an instrumental for the song in the play but because we did have enough time to rehearsal we agreed to leave it out. challenge was lack of enough time for rehearsal but our lecturer reassured us, and advised we do some extra rehearsals out of class time


Dress rehearsal – try out on each other – and poss. other students from other year groups. (WEEK 8, 8TH MARCH 2016) – Applied Performance site



is a charity that s provides  Theatre in Education programmes for young people of all age ranges and abilities. The company uses theatre and drama alongside young people to make meaning of their lives and the world around them.

They work has a strong theoretical basis: focusing artistically on the power of theatre images and dramatic action to create resonances and challenge us to new ways of thinking; whilst being educationally grounded in active learning and problem solving.

Big Brum was founded in 1982 as a registered charity. The Core funders of Big Brum is Arts Council England. Since formation, over 80 schools, pupil referral units and other educational spaces throughout the West Midlands, and over 4,000 children and young people benefit from the company’s work each year.

in 2010, Big Brum was awarded an Action for Children’s Arts Members Award for its outstanding contribution to the aim of enriching children’s lives through the arts. The company is also recognised internationally as a leading centre for excellence in arts education.


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